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I found this darling little puppy on the side of the road, yesterday. She was scrounging around, digging through leaves and trash, looking for food and water. I pulled over, called to her, and, without hesitation, she came right over to me. When I first picked her up, my heart sank. I could feel and count every single bone in her body. There were scars and burn marks all over her.

Since I brought her home, I catch myself crying at the thoughts I have of what she must have been through. She has not stopped eating. She has not stopped drinking. But what’s even more heart wrenching is…she has not left my side.

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  3. ketherlyy said: awww I hope you keep her!
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    She is cute as a button! If I could, I would take her in a heartbeat.
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    That’s so sweet :]
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  17. catscanscat said: she’s so beautiful. how could anyone even think of harming her?
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    The animals you just sort of pick up like this are always the best~ They come with stories, and from my experience, tend...
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    This is amazing and she’s so beautiful! I can’t believe people do this to their dogs. In a rather morbid way, I would...
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